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    Here at Spineless Apparel you will only find the best quality range of clothing, designed by only the most talented graphic designers.

    Our designers have previously worked with some of the biggest names in Metal including: Suicide Silence, Memphis May Fire, Upon A Burning Body, Whitechapel & Thy Art Is Murder.


    Hi, I'm Elliot, founder and owner of Spineless Apparel. Since discovering metal at the young age of 12, I have always found Metal to be my passion. A savior and a way for one to truly express negativity in a deeply positive and fulfilling way. Nothing else will ever quite compare to the raw energy of being at a Metal show. All the way from the chaos of the crowd, to hearing those crushingly heavy guitar riffs along side an equally heavy front man belting out those insane lyrics. I have always felt Metal has a very unique feel about it and a community that certainly stands out from the other mainstream genres.

    My journey and ideas for my clothing brand first came to mind after spending many years as myself, a guitarist in my own metal band. Throughout my years of playing all round the country I had the joy of getting to know so many great musicians in the process.

    After the years past and all the great memories had been absorbed into my mind, I eventually realized that my true passion was to use my previous experience and entrepreneurial skills to form an expressive and meaningful clothing brand suited towards the Metal community. Preparation for my business started in May/June 2016 when I had a vision of what I wanted to achieve. After many sleepless nights, and hundreds of hours spent sourcing together all the best designers in the business. Finally my clothing company "Spineless Apparel" was released to the web in October 2016.